Skrapic is bringing a new way of communicating. It builds relationships through experiential design and its resulting sensorial experiences that make people feel the product and make them live the core value of a brand. Over the last few years, Skrapic has mastered an understanding of the world of luxury, never ceasing to create daring concepts based on the most inventive technologies. The agency counts exclusive partnerships with technology providers and is strongly connected to contemporary artists.

Sensorial Design
Behind these two words is the idea that a brand or a product is more than an image. To have an efficient communication, we have to create a lived moment, prolonged by a strong emotion. It became possible by playing with the five senses, to tell a story without words.
Inspired by Relational Art, Skrapic creates an environment in which people come together to participate in a shared event. Its solutions manage to tell a story that doesn't need words and forges a lasting emotional connection.